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Alternative to lone worker system

Rombit and My SOS Family are both lone worker alert services that offer emergency response systems designed to ensure the safety of lone workers in the field. While there are similarities between the two services, there are also some key differences that set them apart.

Alexa: One of the most notable differences between Rombit and My SOS Family is that My SOS Family is available on Alexa-enabled devices like Fitbit watches, which provides additional flexibility and convenience for users. This means that users can access the service and send alerts using voice commands, without needing to physically interact with a device.


Another important feature of My SOS Family is its easy speed-dial function.

This allows users to quickly and easily send an alert to their pre-programmed emergency contacts with just a few clicks, providing a quick and reliable response in the event of an emergency.

No Call-centre:

My SOS Family also operates as an automated response alert system, which is faster than a manned monitoring system in a call center. This can be important in emergency situations, where every second counts. The My SOS Family system is designed to quickly and automatically alert emergency contacts, without the need for human intervention.


In terms of cost-effectiveness, My SOS Family is also a more affordable option than some other lone worker alert services, making it a great choice for smaller organizations or individuals who are looking for a reliable and affordable emergency response system.

No extra device: Finally, another advantage of My SOS Family is that employees do not have to carry an extra device or change their work patterns. The My SOS Family service can be easily accessed using a smartphone or other compatible device, meaning that users can continue to use their existing technology without the need for additional equipment or changes to their work routines.

Overall, while both Rombit and My SOS Family are designed to provide emergency response services for lone workers, the unique features and advantages of My SOS Family, including its availability on Alexa-enabled devices, easy speed-dial function, automated response alert system, affordability, and compatibility with existing devices, make it a highly competitive option for those looking for a reliable and efficient lone worker alert service.

Don't take our biased opinion , instead we recommend trying both services and comparing the benefits of each, then from an informed perspective picking the one best suited to your employees and employers needs and priorities.



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