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Alternative to the MySOS from Lone Worker Protection system

Updated: May 2

Female staff working alone in the office


Despite the fact that the names MySOS and My SOS Family may appear to be interchangeable, these are in fact two distinct products that are protected by distinct trademarks. MySOS is a lone worker system offered by (not to be confused with , while My SOS Family is a personal safety and emergency alert system designed for individuals and families provided by My SOS Family

Key difference:

The manner in which urgent situations are dealt with is one of the primary distinctions between MySOS and My SOS Family.

Because My SOS Family makes use of an automated emergency call system, other members of the staff or managers who are familiar with the individual asking for assistance are in a position to be of greater assistance to them.

This eliminates the need for a manned call centre, in which the person receiving the call may or may not be familiar with the user's circumstances and may or may not have up-to-date information about the user's daily plans or processes.

Users of My SOS Family do not require an additional device because the system can be accessed through a variety of devices. These devices include smartphone, standard cell phones as well as devices that are enabled with Alexa voice commands.

A further advantage of My SOS Family is its pricing, which is well-suited for SMEs and other businesses that require an emergency alert system that is easy to use and does not require extensive training.

These kinds of businesses care where they spend their money and want the best value and resources and therefore need a system that is both affordable and simple to operate.

Because of the system's flexibility and ability to adjust to shifting work patterns, it is an ideal answer for companies that employ people who carry out their duties independently or from a remote location.

MySOS from, on the other hand, highlights its 24/7 monitored service with an alarm receiving centre. However, these will come with increased costs, additional requirements for training, and changes in processes.

In conclusion, although both MySOS and My SOS Family are intended to offer emergency alert and response services, the users they are geared towards and the features they offer are distinct from one another. My SOS Family is an option that is adaptable, inexpensive, and simple to use for individuals and businesses that employ staff members who work alone.

On the other hand, MySOS from may be more suitable for larger organisations with staff that are in high risk situations like front line staff in Job centres or Prison Guards that require more comprehensive features and monitoring services and come at a premium price and require staff to follow rigid processes and procedures to keep them safe in high risk situations.



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