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Why should I get an emergency alert app for my aging parent?

Updated: Mar 15

elderly couple

As our loved ones get older, it is more important than ever to make certain that they are able to receive the necessary care and assistance when they require it. Getting an app that notifies you in the event of an emergency for your elderly parent is one way to accomplish this goal.

This type of software has the potential to offer a multitude of benefits, such as prompt access to assistance, convenience of use, the ability to track location, and the personalization of alerts.


The ability to get in touch with help quickly in the event of an emergency is one of the key benefits of installing an emergency alert app on your ageing parent's mobile device. For instance, if your parent were to fall and be unable to get up after the fall or if they were to encounter a medical emergency, an emergency alert app may be used to swiftly contact emergency medical services.

This may be of utmost significance if your parent lives alone, as there may not be anybody else nearby who can provide assistance in the event of an unexpected crisis.

Peace of Mind

An emergency alert app can not only make it easier for carers to get help quickly, but it can also alleviate some of the stress they experience. Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your elderly parent is always within reach of emergency services can help to ease some of the tension and anxiety that comes along with providing care for an elderly loved one.

This may be of utmost significance for individuals who are either geographically separated from their parents or who are unable to see them on a regular basis due to other obligations.


One further advantage of using an emergency alert app is that it is often straightforward to operate, especially for individuals who do not have a high level of familiarity with technology.

The majority of apps that provide emergency alerts are created with ease of use in mind, with interfaces that are intuitive and clear instructions.

This implies that your parent is more likely to utilise the app in an emergency rather than becoming frustrated or confused by the technology rather than becoming frustrated or confused by the technology.

Find my parent

Tracking your location is yet another significant advantage that comes with having an emergency alert app.

There are a lot of apps out there that incorporate GPS tracking, and if your parent is unable to communicate their whereabouts, you can utilise this feature to help the emergency services find them.

If your parent has mobility challenges or if they are in a position where they may not be able to describe their surroundings, such as in a distant area or an unfamiliar environment, this can be of utmost importance.

My Parent's needs are unique

Another feature that may prove useful for carers is the ability to personalise notifications. You can personalise emergency notifications so that they are sent to family members, friends, or carers in addition to emergency services when you use an app designed for that purpose.

This indicates that everyone is aware of the situation and has the ability to respond appropriately. For instance, if your parent were to fall and be unable to get back up on their own, the app might be designed to send notifications to you and other members of the family, as well as to the appropriate authorities.

It is important to keep in mind that not all apps that provide emergency alerts are made equal. Some may have a greater number of features than others, while others may be easier to use.

Test before you buy

It is crucial to undertake study and select an emergency alert app for your ageing parent that matches your personal demands before making a choice from the available options.

When choosing an app, it is important to think about how simple it is to use, how much it costs, whether or not it has support available, and whether or not it has features like customizable alerts and location tracking.

To summarise

Making the choice to purchase a medical alert app for an elderly parent can be a responsible action that results in a multitude of positive outcomes. An emergency alert app can assist ensure that your parent receives the care and support they require in the case of an emergency by providing quick access to help, providing carers with peace of mind, allowing location tracking, and providing the ability to customise alerts, among other benefits.

By downloading the appropriate app and doing a little bit of planning ahead of time your ageing parent will stay safe and well for years to come.

In your selection and review of the right app, try the My SOS Family alert app, there's a no obligation free trial for you to test the app and service and see if it works for you and your aging parents.



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