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Enhance you and your Family Safety with MY SOS FAMILY

Updated: Apr 30

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A Reliable Solution to 911's Location Challenges to enhance your safety

Emergency situations necessitate immediate and accurate responses. Traditional 911 call centers are a crucial part of the emergency response system, but they sometimes face challenges in locating callers accurately and swiftly.

This is where My SOS Family Emergency Alert App comes into play, serving as a reliable alternative and complement to 911 services. One of our users, Richard, shared his perspective on why our alert system is a valuable addition to one’s safety arsenal, especially considering the locational challenges faced by 911 call centers.

The Challenge with 911 Call Centers:

All 911 calls are directed to call centers regardless of the network being used by the caller. These call centers are designed to receive and handle emergency calls and dispatch the required emergency services swiftly.

However, Richard noted that there are instances when 911 call centers struggle to locate callers, and sometimes calls get routed to the wrong centers. This can delay the response time in emergencies, which can be critical for the person in distress.

The Importance of Accurate Location:

When it comes to emergency situations, the accuracy of location is paramount. Even a slight delay due to the inaccuracy of the location can lead to severe consequences.

Cell phone 911 calls, despite having GPS, often encounter challenges as operators sometimes are unable to determine the exact location of the call. This is a significant concern, and having an alternative or complementary solution like My SOS Family can be life-saving.

My SOS Family: A Reliable Solution:

My SOS Family Emergency Alert App addresses the challenges faced by traditional 911 call centers by providing a visual map location along with the alert. This feature allows for immediate and accurate location identification, ensuring that help reaches you promptly.

Richard emphasizes the importance of having a system like My SOS Family that can pinpoint your location accurately, making it a valuable tool in any emergency situation.

Handling Accidental 911 Calls:

It’s common for people to accidentally dial 911. In such cases, there is no penalty, and the communications dispatcher will verify the caller's name and address and ensure that there is no real emergency.

If the call gets disconnected, they will call back to confirm the caller's safety. If there is no answer, emergency services will be dispatched to the location.

Having My SOS Family adds an extra layer of security, allowing users to send alerts with precise location details to their chosen contacts, avoiding unnecessary dispatch of emergency services.

Users can easily turn on " Call 911" slider and get the best of both support; a) their precise location being sent to their chosen contacts whilst b) their phone is also calling 911.


My SOS Family Emergency Alert App stands as a beacon of reliability in situations where every second count. Our user, Richard, highlighted the challenges faced by 911 call centers, emphasizing the importance of having an accurate and reliable alert system like My SOS Family.

With our app, users can ensure their safety by sending alerts with exact locations, providing a valuable solution to the locational challenges faced by traditional emergency response services.

Call to Action:

Secure your peace of mind and enhance your safety with My SOS Family Emergency Alert App. It’s the reliable companion you need in emergencies to ensure your location is accurately communicated, and help reaches you promptly. Explore more about how My SOS Family can be your safety net here.


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