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Your “I forgot to tell a Buddy”, Buddy System.

Updated: Mar 15

Fist Bump with White and  Black person

There's an old adage used by scuba divers “When you dive alone, you die alone”

This old scuba diving adage exists for a reason, with the majority i.e. 86% of fatal cases in diving was when the diver was alone, this is because the majority of emergency skills reply on the presence of a buddy system for example in an out-of-air situation.

It's well and good using an example of diving as it's a dangerous pursuit and unless you're a professional diver, it's common sense that you wouldn't be diving alone.

But emergencies happen in everyday situations especially when people are alone, here are 8 key causes of accidents admitted to Accident and Emergency (A&E) dept. when patient is alone

Within the blog (link above) those 8 key reasons when people are alone are: 1.Falls, 2.Burns, 3.Choking, 4.Cuts , 5.Poisoning, 6.Hypothermia, 7.Head Injuries 8.Suffocation.

Other emergencies when people are alone are could be related to crime, here you can find the top 20 reported crimes to people when their on their own and some statistics comparing different countries.

Within the blog (link above) some of those top 20 crimes to people on their own are: Theft, Robbery, Assault, Sexual Assault, Burglary, Fraud and Homicide.

The “Forgot to tell a buddy system” from My SOS Family

The Feature is called the SOS Timer, when you open the App you can access the SOS Timer from the left menu or there is a little timer icon shortcut at the top of the screen.

It's better explained in an example and use case, lets assume you are at home and a stranger knocks the front door, you simply set the SOS timer lets say 10 minutes as you think that's enough time to get rid of the stranger and get back to cancel the SOS Timer.

You add a message, answering the front door to a stranger , you could describe them, take a photo or video via the peephole or window and add that to the SOS timer (without leaving the My SOS Family APP).

Then answer the door, if it's a conman or they force their way in, you know that in 10 minutes because you are unable to cancel the timer, your emergency contacts "Buddy's" will be notified and can help you.

Other examples are setting it just before having a bath, climbing the stairs, taking the trash out, walking through an empty car park and many other times where you think something may happen and you won't have the opportunity or time to open the App and press the SOS button.

Special “no-phone-signal” feature

The SOS Timer in the App automatically pushes the key information : time, a map link of your location, the photo or video and your message to the My SOS Family emergency servers, that means if there is no-phone-signal or your phone battery is dead or the phone taken from you and smashed, when the SOS timer reaches zero, we have all we need to alert your emergency contacts with your vital information.

Test the system

We recommend you test this service so you can see how easy it is to use, it's important that you avoid having to face an emergency without an action plan or having to solely rely on strangers to help.

If you haven't already - get the App and try it absolutely free with no obligation and no credit cards needed.



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