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Updated: Jan 30

A man in the wilderness near a largelake

Read why My SOS Family emergency SOS Alert System can help travellers contact their emergency SOS contacts even in the wilderness when there no phone signal.

Imagine a bold 30 something man called Johnathan who likes to keep active and makes the best of living in the country by going on long hikes.

The hike location

Johnathan Hiked overnight on the Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine, United States, the Iron Mountain Gap to Cross Mountain, Tennessee a 17 mile hike, relatively easy so can be done within 24 hours, a great way to get into the wilderness where there are parts with no phone signal.

Johnathan’s story

Johnathan decided it would be easy and safe to hike on his own, it’s a popular hike and he picked the perfect day for it and a forecast of a clear night. He took enough provisions for 2 days because whilst he’s an adventurous person who loves to do things unplanned, he’s also careful and makes sure he wears and carry’s the right equipment in case of the unexpected, his light weight pack included a basic first aid-kit, waterproof fold-up jacket protein bars and a bottle of water.

Three quarters of the way he traversed a footpath with lots of boulders and Johnathan slipped and fell, he realised he had dislocated his knee and applied some simple first aid to clean his scratches and make sure he didn’t get an infection.

Although his phone still had 30% battery life, there was a big problem, there was no phone signal and he couldn’t even make an emergency 911 call, he considered for some time what to do, whether he should wait for other hikers who he could shout to for help.

Johnathan had gone off the well-trodden trail, so the likelihood of another person finding him was low, it might be a few days before he was found where he currently was as he couldn’t be heard or seen from the normal trail.

He wasn’t panicking, that could make things worse, he had enough food and water and the weather was pleasant, he knew if he moved to a more visible place, then he’s chances would be better.

Johnathan slid down the steep rocky path on his bottom, shuffling along slowly, he was soon in agonising pain, and had more cuts than when he fell. After a few hours he reached a clearing where he felt he might be seen, all he had to do was wait as he knew help was on it’s way even though his phone still had no signal.

What Johnathan did with My SOS Family personal Alarm Travel App

That’s because after he parked his car at Carvers Gap, he had set the My SOS Family App’s SOS countdown timer for 22 hours and 59 minutes, with a message containing the direction he was hiking.

Like clockwork, after 23 hours, Alerts were sent to his emergency contacts. The personal Alarm features of MY SOS Family allowed Jonathan to set an SOS timer which synchronised in the Cloud so it didn’t rely on Johnathan’s phone. The personal alarm alerts contained his Geo location, together with his SOS message sharing his route.

His emergency contacts were his girlfriend Jamie, his father, his best friend Bill and Bill’s brother. They immediately set-off to find Johnathan, taking the reverse route, whilst his father went to Carvers Gap where he started the timer and GPS location following his route. Bill shouted his name along the trail, they were joined by another two hikers.

Eventually, Johnathan saw them, he whistled got their attention, needless to say returned home safely.

Johnathan is glad the situation wasn’t as unpleasant and difficult as it could have been, there may have been heavy fog, rain or a lot worse. He did feel his chances were much better because of the My SOS Family App.

Travel Pack Essential items tick list.

  • Toothbrush

  • First Aid Kit

  • Mobile Phone

  • My SOS Family Emergency Alert App

  • Emergency Money


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