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The Power and Women's Rights

Updated: Apr 30

Every man/male should watch this powerful scene which gives a small glimpse into the life of women and the lack of Women's Rights.

It's from Amazon Prime video 2023 TV Series called The Power 2023, Episode 5.

Young girls around the globe get a gift which is called "The Power" and suddenly grow an internal organ which allows them to generate electricity like an electric eel.

This power can be used as either defensive or offensive weapon.

In the scene Zoe, the daughter explains to her mother, who doesn't have this ability, how it feels to have The Power and how her world and life has changed, she also explains how it will be even better for her younger sister Izzy, who has yet to get The Power.

The scene has been transcribed below:

Jos: 'On Tuesday I went for a run.

And I just lost track of time and it got dark.

Instead of rushing, I just walked home in the pitch black'

Mom: "Oh Jos"

Jos: No it was Nice. That's the point.

I run with both my earbuds in now.

And I don't put my keys between my fingers just in case.

I don't make elaborate plans with friends just to make sure we all get home from a party safe.

Like, I didn't even realise I was living in constant fear.

And sure, like, there are still things that we should be scared about out there, but just feel like a hundred pounds lighter, and a hundred pounds stronger, because I have this thing in me.

Can you image what it's going to be like for Izzy?

She's not going to look at the ground when a guy passes by.

And she's never going to worry about what she's wearing.

Can you imagine growing up with that kind of freedom?

Collective responsibility

Watching this scene, and the amazing series, gives a different view point and gives the power back to women, but also like any good and responsible father of daughters, also wants a world where their daughters don't need a male to protect them, they want their daughters to grow up confident, strong and not live in constant fear.

Fear doesn't always have to be the implicit fear of being attacked, it's also the burden and stress women go through daily which goes unnoticed by 50% of the population (males) and the little things they do like not making eye contact with guys, or dressing in certain ways etc.

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