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Alternative to Soloprotect Lone Worker system

Updated: Jan 29

A finishing tradesman on a construction site on working alone. and My SOS Family are both lone worker alert services that aim to ensure the safety of workers who work alone.

Whilst there are similarities between the most lone worker protection services especially these two services, there are also some key differences that set them apart and show why My SOS Family is a great choice alternative to Soloprotect.

Flexibility for SME's :

One of the most notable differences between Soloprotect and My SOS Family is that My SOS Family is more flexible and better suited to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and their staff.

Alexa and voice:

My SOS Family is available on Alexa-enabled devices like Fitbit watches, providing additional flexibility and convenience for users. This means that users can access the service and send alerts using voice commands, without needing to physically interact with a device as the App also has voice activated easy to use features.

Everyone is protected:

Additionally, the easy speed-dial function of My SOS Family allows older workers to simply use a basic cellphone, which is ideal for those who may not be comfortable with more advanced technology.

Need for Speed:

Another important feature of My SOS Family is its automated response alert system, which is faster than a manned monitoring system in a call center. This ensures that alerts are sent to emergency contacts quickly and reliably, without the need for human intervention.

SOS Timer:

My SOS Family also offers a unique SOS timer feature, which is highly valued by customers and staff who visit clients alone. This feature allows users to set a timer for a specific duration, and if the timer expires without being cancelled, an alert will automatically be sent to emergency contacts. This adds an extra layer of safety and security for lone workers.

Man Down feature:

Soloprotect device does have an extra feature referred to as a Man Down feature,. A decelerator in a man down device is a sensor that detects sudden deceleration, such as a fall or a sudden stop. When the sensor detects a sudden deceleration, it triggers an alarm or sends an alert to a monitoring center.

Decelerator sensors in man down devices can sometimes generate false positives, however new technology and user manual override interventions do reduce false positives triggering resposnes.


In terms of cost-effectiveness, My SOS Family is also priced right for SMEs, making it a great choice for smaller organizations or individuals who are looking for a reliable and affordable emergency response system.

No Extra Device:

Another advantage of My SOS Family is that employees do not have to carry an extra device or change their work patterns. The My SOS Family service can be easily accessed using a smartphone or other compatible device, meaning that users can continue to use their existing technology without the need for additional equipment or changes to their work routines.

Very High Risk Staff:

For Staff in very high risk situations like Prison Guards, Security staff in high risk scenarios like transporting money, etc. then then a dedicated device linked to a dedicated high-security data-monitoring service together with live streaming body cam's are the best choice, this also comes at a very high/premium price and also in these high risk situations employees should not be allowed to work alone.

My SOS Family does not provide these devices

Overall, while both Soloprotect and My SOS Family are designed to provide emergency response services for lone workers, the unique features and advantages of either system should be compared by each user including price.

We recommend, you try and test all systems and pick the one that best suits you and your employees needs.



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