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Keeping an elderly relative safe with the best emergency response system

Updated: Jan 29

Adult Daughter helping her elderly mother get out of a car seat and door

If your looking for the right alert system for an elderly relative or friend, then you'll have probably typed one of these 10 phrases into Google:

1. Elderly emergency response alert system

2. Senior SOS alert system

3. Personal emergency response system for seniors

4. Medical alert systems for elderly

5. Senior safety alert system

6. Emergency alert pendant for seniors

7. Fall detection alert system for seniors

8. Elderly medical alarm system

9. Senior emergency button

10. Mobile emergency response system for seniors.

All of these phrases refer to a similar concept - a device or system that allows seniors to call for help in case of an emergency.

While there may be slight differences in the specific features or technology used, the ultimate goal is the same - to provide seniors with a means of getting immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

The different phrases used for this concept likely stem from different marketing approaches, specific features of the device, or variations in terminology used in different regions or industries. For example, some phrases may emphasize the age of the user ("elderly" or "senior"), while others may focus on the emergency aspect ("emergency alert" or "medical alert").

Here's a breakdown of how each phrase differs in terms of wording and emphasis:

Elderly emergency alert system:

This phrase emphasizes that the system is specifically designed for elderly individuals and is intended for emergency situations.

Senior SOS alert system:

"SOS" stands for "save our souls" and is commonly associated with emergency situations. This phrase also emphasizes that the system is designed for seniors.

Personal emergency response system for seniors:

This phrase emphasizes both the personal nature of the device and gives it a customisable feel of the device.

Medical alert systems for elderly:

This phrase focuses on the medical aspect of the device, real medical devices refer to equipment used by doctors and nurses, medical devices here refers to a medial emergency situation by an elderly individual.

Senior safety alert system:

Safety like health and safety or women's safety is the marketing message used here to give people a word to anchor and influence to buy.

Emergency alert pendant for seniors:

The wearable aspect of the device gives family members confidence that their loved ones will have it close to hand at all times i.e. not lose it, as it will be needed in an emergency situation.

Fall detection alert system for seniors:

Fall detection technology is the feature that this phrase focuses on, however most seniors will fall slowly and with the high volume of accidental triggers, the feature becomes more of a nuisance than an aid and ends up being turned off, it's marketing is aimed at Seniors who are at risk of falling, usually after they have been dismissed from hospital due to a fall.

Elderly medical alarm system:

This phrase is similar to No.4 but this time brings the alarm aspect into the device and the alarm is to be used by elderly individuals.

Senior emergency button:

Addresses the button aspect of the device and how its triggered and its intended use for seniors to call for emergency assistance.

Mobile emergency response system for seniors:

Emphasizes the mobility aspect of the device and its intended use for emergency response on-the-go.

Overall, while there may be variations in wording and emphasis, these phrases all refer to similar devices or systems that provide seniors with a means of calling for help in case of an emergency.

Try the My SOS Family emergency alert system / app and feel safer knowing you have an emergency action plan with the touch of a button.



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