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5 reasons an emergency app is better than a call centre based pendant

Updated: Jan 30

Man with headphones answering an emergency call

Pendants that connect to a call centre and mobile apps that send out alerts in an emergency can both be useful ways for offering aid to elderly people in a crisis. On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why a pendant that connects to a contact centre might not be the best option in some circumstances.

1. Flexible

To begin, mobile apps for medical alerts are often more flexible than pendants that connect to a central call centre.

Numerous emergency apps provide a variety of features, including the ability to track the user's location, receive alerts that can be customised, and communicate back and forth with emergency responders.

Pendants that are connected to a call centre, on the other hand, often only offer a single function, such as a panic button that may be used to get in touch with the call centre.

2. Practical

In comparison to pendants that connect to a contact centre, emergency alert applications are often more practical and straightforward to operate.

The use of an app allows seniors to swiftly and conveniently contact emergency services straight from their smartphone or another mobile device, saving valuable time in potentially dangerous situations.

They do not have to carry a separate gadget with them at all times nor do they need to wear a pendant at all times.

This may be of utmost significance for elderly people, some of whom may struggle with movement and others of whom may be unwilling to wear a pendant out of fear of being stigmatised.

3. Cost-efficient

Comparing to a pendant that connect to a contact centre, emergency alert apps may be more cost-efficient.

Most contact center-based pendants demand either an up-front payment which may include installation as well as the cost of the hardware and a recurring membership fee, whereas many applications can be downloaded for a nominal amount on a monthly basis.

4. Privacy & Freedom

Elders can benefit from more privacy and freedom through the use of emergency alert apps. Senior citizens can circumvent the need to go via a call centre or a third-party responder by downloading an app that allows them to make direct contact with emergency personnel, or their family, friends and neighbours.

This may be of utmost significance for senior citizens who may be unwilling to seek for assistance or who may have feelings of embarrassment regarding their circumstance.

5. Peace-of-Mind

Carers experience increased peace of mind through the use of emergency alert apps. There are many apps that enable carers to remotely monitor their loved ones, receiving notifications when their loved one contacts emergency services or when there is a change in the location of their loved one.

This can give carers a sense of confidence and peace of mind, which is especially helpful for those who may live a great distance away from their loved ones.

Which is the better choice a response centre or an emergency app?

Although call center-based pendants can be useful in giving assistance to seniors in an emergency scenario, emergency alert apps offer a variety of features that make them a superior choice for many seniors and their carers.

This is because emergency alert apps allow seniors to communicate with their carers through their smartphones.

Emergency alert applications are a powerful tool that may help seniors remain secure and independent while providing carers with the peace of mind they need to do their jobs without anxiety. This technology is versatile, convenient, and cost-effective, and it protects users' privacy.

Try the My SOS Family alert app, there's a no obligation free trial for you to test the app and service and see if it works for you and your aging parents or other family members you want to protect.

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