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Elderly Emergency Alert System: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

Accidents, falls, and medical emergencies are especially dangerous for the elderly. Anxiety about being able to get prompt assistance in an emergency is common among the elderly who live alone.

Now, thanks to technological advancements, there are systems designed specifically for the elderly that can summon help at the push of a button should an emergency arise.

The definition of a Senior Emergency Notification System.

A personal emergency response system (PERS) is a wearable device that enables seniors to contact emergency services in the event of an emergency. These gadgets are available in the form of jewellery or wristwear, such as watches.

When the device is activated, it sends a signal to a central location, where help from authorities, loved ones, or carers can be summoned.

The Value of a Senior Emergency Alert System

The elderly and their loved ones can reap many benefits from installing an emergency alert system or using a system like My SOS Family, such as:

Immediate Help: In the event of a medical emergency, such as a fall or sudden illness, a senior citizen can call for help at the touch of a button, or use their voice.

Elderly people living alone can rest easy knowing they have quick access to help in case of an emergency.

A senior emergency alert system can give seniors peace of mind and help them continue living independently.

A senior emergency alert system is more cost-effective than hiring a carer or relocating to an assisted living facility.

What to Look for in a Medical Alert System for the Elderly

The following factors should be taken into account when selecting an emergency alert system for the elderly:

Some devices have fall detection technology built in that can automatically send a signal for help if an elderly person falls, but the majority of these end up being turned off as they trigger false-positives many times a day.

In the event of an emergency, especially if the senior is lost or disoriented, GPS tracking can help locate them.

Seniors may want to wear their emergency alert systems in the shower or bath, so it's important that they're watertight, or use systems which have functions like the My SOS Family - SOS Timer which you set before having a shower or bath and cancel when you finish.

A long battery life is essential so that the device can be used in any situation, pretty much like a phone.

Tips for Buying a Medical Alert System for Seniors

Do your homework and read reviews from other customers before committing to an elderly emergency alert system. Think about what the senior citizen requires and how they live. A device with GPS tracking, for instance, could be useful if they lead an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors.

My SOS Family elderly emergency alert system does not have a medical pendant or medical bracelet, instead you can trigger the alarm with your voice or by pressing a button on a smartphone, talking to the smartphone from across the room or talking to the Alexa device, or using the speed-dial function of a landline or simple cell phone, if having a medical pendant or medical bracelet is a must have, then find one that has a call centre close local to where you live.

In conclusion, an elderly emergency alert system like My SOS Family can give seniors and their loved ones a sense of safety and security. In the event of an emergency, seniors can keep their independence with the help of a trusted device equipped with the appropriate safety features. It's important to shop around and find an elderly emergency alert system that works for you if you're thinking about getting one.

Try the My SOS Family elderly emergency alert system free with the no obligation free trial, you can then decide without any pressure if you want to upgrade to a paid plan.



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