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As an estate agent, you may be showing homes in unfamiliar areas that can be cause for worry not knowing who you will be meeting or what chance encounters may occur. For many, this may not be a consideration, but others may be comfortable travelling and meeting people.

For us, cases like Suzy Lamplugh’s – an estate agent who went missing on the job, motivated us to create features on the My SOS Family App to help protect estate agents or lone working professionals alike. We created various ways to send SOS alerts offering that extra feeling of security.

For those who may not be entirely comfortable when meeting customers or new clients onsite, we recommend the My SOS Family smartphone App. The app allows you to set up a network of trusted people (co-workers) whom you can quickly alert. Each alert includes your location, so your co-workers can find you if a situation arises. The app features a big help button when opening it; you also have to option to write a message before pressing the app to add more information about the situation at hand. For less urgent alerts you can set up a timer so that you can alert your contacts automatically after the set time has elapsed. Just before your meeting set the timer duration to include how long the viewing should be and questions they may have. You can always discretely increase the time. If for any reason you are unable to reach your phone SOS alerts will send with your location. Remember, after the viewing to reset or cancel the timer to prevent SOS alerts going out.

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