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Updated: Apr 30

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Ensuring Realtor Safety at Home Shows My SOS Family App Takes the Lead

Home shows are exciting opportunities for realtors to showcase properties, connect with potential buyers, and close deals. However, these events also pose certain safety risks, as realtors are often meeting strangers in unfamiliar locations.

In the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and in Australia , there have been unfortunate cases of realtors facing danger while attending home shows. This blog explores the importance of realtor safety and how the My SOS Family App can help protect realtors by allowing them to document their interactions with clients.

Realtor Safety Concerns:

Realtors have been exposed to various risks when attending home shows. While most interactions go smoothly, there have been reported cases of realtors being kidnapped, harmed, or even killed during such events. These incidents serve as stark reminders that personal safety should never be taken for granted in the real estate industry.

Examples of some cases widely reported are :

UK: Suzy Lamplugh an estate agent in Fulham, London who went missing on the job was murdered.

USA : Beverly Carter a Realtor in Arkansas was kidnapped and killed.

Australia : Lorelle Makin an estate agent in Melbourne, Australia was killed when showing her killer a house for sale.

Quotes from the Manager of Arkansas Realtor Office :

The real estate agent's disappearance had rattled her colleagues, 80% of them women (like most Realtor offices) , who routinely agree to meet strangers at empty homes that are for sale.

"They're scared, and I need someone to give them some reassurance," said Brenda Rhoads, the principal broker at the real estate company where Carter worked.

My SOS Family App improving Realtors and Estate Agents Safety:

The Role of My SOS Family App: To address these safety concerns, the My SOS Family App offers a comprehensive solution for realtors. This app provides a safety net for real estate professionals attending home shows by allowing them to document crucial information about their clients and interactions.

  1. Photo and Video Documentation: One of the standout features of the My SOS Family App is its ability to capture photos or videos discreetly. Realtors, especially female realtors, can use this feature to take a photo or video of the person they are meeting or the person's vehicle. This documentation can be invaluable in case of an emergency or if the need arises to share information with colleagues or authorities.

  2. Location Sharing: The app also allows realtors to share their real-time location with trusted contacts. If a realtor feels uneasy or senses any danger during a home show appointment, they can quickly share their location with friends, family, or coworkers. This feature can help ensure that someone is aware of their whereabouts and can come to their aid if necessary.

  3. Emergency Alerts: In the worst-case scenario, where a realtor feels threatened, the My SOS Family App offers a one-touch emergency alert feature. By simply pressing a button, realtors can send out distress signals to their designated emergency contacts, along with their GPS location. This can be a lifeline in situations where immediate help is required.

SOS Timer - Just in-case

Just before the meeting, take a photo/video of either the person or their car and set the timer duration to include how long the viewing should be and a little buffer of time to get back to the Car safely. If for any reason something happens and the user is unable to reach their phone to send SOS alert, when the timer reaches zero it will send with the location, plus the video/image and any message.

Realtor Safety Stories:

While we cannot ignore the unfortunate stories of realtors who have faced danger, we can take proactive steps to prevent such incidents. By adopting safety measures like the My SOS Family App, and the SOS Timer real estate professionals can significantly enhance their personal security.


The safety of realtors attending home shows is of paramount importance. While we hope that such incidents remain rare, it is crucial for real estate professionals to take proactive steps to protect themselves.

The My SOS Family App offers a robust safety solution, allowing realtors to document interactions, share their location, and send out emergency alerts when needed. By prioritizing their safety, realtors can continue to excel in their careers while reducing the risks associated with their profession. Stay safe, and never underestimate the value of personal security in the world of real estate.


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