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Updated: Jan 11

Amazon Alexa Dot and Tall Speaker

My SOS Family, the personal safety alert response specialists, have created an amazing Alexa Skill / App for the Elderly / Senior citizens because we want to help you and your family.

You and your family & friends get peace of mind as a result of being quickly and easily alerted when helps needed.

About Alexa

The Amazon Alexa is a smart speaker voice assistant you talk to using your voice by saying “Alexa” followed by a command. You can ask Alexa if it’s going to rain or listen to your favourite radio station. Voice interactive assistants are appealing because they are easy to use.

The Echo Dot (we recommend this) The Echo Dot (cheapest Alexa speaker) is an affordable easy-to-use alternative to smartphones at home.

Because the sound isn’t amazing, connect the Dot to a speaker for better audio when listening to music. TIP: Keep some distance from the speaker so Alexa can still hear your voice.

Smart Home appliances are on the increase and allow us to control them through the little speaker.

To use smart appliances link them through the Alexa app skill. Once linked the user simply says e.g. “Alexa, turn on the lights”, unless there’s a disability, injury or having sight impairment, it’s more a “nice to have” gadget, call use old fashioned but getting off your butt and turning the dishwasher on is a simple thing and not worth replacing.

There are some excellent Alexa Skills which help to keep the brain active by solving puzzles or doing math's and crosswords using your voice (more than asking Alexa to Fart or make an animal sound).

Alexa as a companion Just like anyone living on their own, turns on the TV as noise / background action or fill an empty house, Alexa can do the same.

If you’ve an elderly relative who spends time on their own, Alexa might be the next best thing to a pet to keep them company.

My SOS Family and Alexa My SOS Family team have created the Best Alexa Skill for Elderly and Senior Citizens, it's an easy-to-use Alexa Skill that is initiated by simply saying “Alexa, start My SOS Family”.

Alexa then responds with: “<Doris>, would you like to send for help?”. If you say “Yes”, alerts are sent by SMS, our system phones everyone (unique to us) and emails so every emergency contact group knows help is needed and can respond accordingly.

The most important service is that Alerts get Noticed. Emergency Contacts are send alerts by SMS and they receive Phone Calls (which no other system does).

They don’t need the Alexa App on their phone or need wifi, or any data connection, because a CALL or SMS has a better chance of getting through than a skype/Alexa call or phone notification.

What if the user is away from home without Alexa? At NO extra cost, all users can also use our Emergency Smartphone SOS App App called “My SOS Family” when they are out and about. If they don’t like smartphones, My SOS Family Service is available on home-phones or simple cell phones by simply calling a special number (faster with speed-dial).

You simply use the same My SOS Family Account and credit purchased for the Alexa with the App or Landline emergency response system, if you get the My SOS Family App first and later decide to use Alexa, the credit is shared with Alexa.

Additional features that give peace of mind Our Check-In facility sends an email instead of an SOS alert for cases where it’s not an emergency. An example could be when the user gets home safely from being outdoors e.g. walking the dog, shopping etc. A simple way to keep loved ones informed without causing a panic.

Countdown to help There are certain tasks or situations our customers (like your parents) are a little safety concerned a about performing. For example getting on a stool to change a light bulb, getting in and out of a bath, and one of the biggest fears and concerns our customers tell us are; Door-to-door salesmen who target the elderly trying to sell them roof or drive repairs or worst force their way into the home.

My SOS Family Skill has a simple-to-start S.O.S. Countdown Timer; The user sets this before starting any task or answering the door, if for any reason they don’t (or aren’t able to) get back to cancel the SOS Timer, Alerts will be sent to emergency contacts as if they asked for help.

The My SOS Family S.O.S. Timer starts in our secure server which means even if the Wifi stops or there is a power cut, My SOS Family will still send alerts.

This provides Peace of Mind to both the user and to their family knowing no matter what the situation, there is a safety net in place.

Find our more about My SOS Family and Alexa.



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