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Ethical tracking you control

Updated: Mar 15

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Respect my privacy and no tracking from an employees perspective:

An employee doesn't want their whereabouts recorded because they are concerned about their privacy, trustworthiness, the quality of their work-life balance, or their safety.

Staff want to feel they can be trusted to handle their job properly without continual monitoring since it might feel like an invasion of their privacy and could generate conscious or lead to unconscious conflict and poor culture in the office or company.

Respect my privacy” from an elderly relatives perspective:

An older person may prefer not to have their whereabouts monitored out of respect for their independence, privacy, and dignity.

They may not be comfortable with the concept of being watched all the time and want to feel free and feel autonomy and independence in managing their day-to-day activities.

Respect my privacy” from an female perspective:

Many women choose not to have their whereabouts monitored for reasons related to safety, privacy, and autonomy.

They find it unsettling to consider the possibility that someone is aware of their locations at all times and might want, instead, to keep full control over their own activities without being subjected to continuous monitoring.

Many domestic domestic abusers exert control over the lives of their partners, not just when they are present, but also financial control and monitoring and tracking their location.

That's why with My SOS Family you control: Who, When and for How Long you want your location showing:

Within the settings, you can choose whether the map link of the exact location you are at when sending an SOS alert is a static one-time location or you want to share your live-location in real-time, as well as how long you want to share it for.

We also display a banner within the App informing you that your location is being shared and allowing you to turn it off at any time.

Once the timer runs out, or you press the Stop location sharing button in the banner, or even kill the app, your live location is no longer shared.

The great thing about the My SOS Family live-location SOS tracking feature is that no app is required for your emergency contacts.

Nobody can turn that function on from the outside, so we leave that intrusive tracking to Apple and Google's "find my friends" or "find my device" services, which are linked to and require you to grant access to your Apple or Google account.

Not in an emergency live-location function:

We've also given you the option of sharing either your current single location or your live location with whomever you want and for however long you want.

On the main Help screen of the My SOS Family App, select the short-cut icon of a location pin at the top of the screen.

Then select whether to share a link with your current location or your real-time live location and for how long.

There are numerous use cases for this function, the most common of which is if you want a friend to check that you've arrived safely home or to a specific destination and you want them to monitor your location whilst your walking, driving, being given a lift, on public transport or in a taxi.

You're different & unique:

So is your app, unlike other apps that do this, the recipient doesn't need to have any app.

Because you don't have to force others to use our app to help you, it's one of the most adaptable live-location functions on the market.

If you decide at anytime to stop sharing, simply kill the app or press the “stop sharing location” button on the banner.

Any questions?

If you've already downloaded the My SOS Family App and upgraded, thank you for joining thousands of like minded , safety conscious people, if you have any questions or would like to know more about any features, or new ones we're adding get in touch by emailing

If you haven't download the App, if you're reading this on a mobile phone click the download now button below:


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